Hope Baltz

I always knew I wanted to be a hairstylist. When I was a little girl I always LOVED going to the salon with my mom and two older sisters. I remember the salon owner giving me $5 to sweep up all the hair in the entire salon every time we went in for a visit. Going in for a haircut was always an exciting trip for me. In middle school I was always wanting to buy box colors from Walmart so I could experiment. Looking back now that was a terrible idea. I had everything from solid jet black to cotton candy pink streaks in my hair.

Coming from a family full of nurses, naturally I felt like I had to go to college. The plan was always to go to hair school eventually, but after one year at ASU in Jonesboro I decided it was time to follow my dreams. I moved back home and started school at The Salon Professional Academy. I worked hard, earning many awards along the way & graduated early so I could start my career doing what I love!

I love and appreciate all my clients! Whether you want someone to help you maintain a certain look or want a new look every time you leave the salon, I’m your girl.

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